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Thank you for your trust and purchase of our products. We hereby inform you of your rights and obligations arising from the Law on Consumer Protection (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 62/2014 and 6/2016 – other laws) and regarding the provisions regarding the conformity of our products.

We declare that the purchased product fully complies with the description of the declaration if the consumer strictly adheres to the instructions specified in this statement and that it has the properties required for the regular use of goods of the same type, and that in terms of quality and functioning it corresponds to what is usual for goods of the same type and which the consumer can reasonably expect considering the nature of the goods.



A trader is a legal or natural person acting on the market as part of his business activity or for other commercial purposes, including other persons acting in his name or on his account.
The seller is a trader with whom the consumer has concluded a contract for the sale of goods, i.e. the provision of services.
A consumer is a natural person who acquires the same goods or services on the market for purposes that are not intended for his business or commercial activity.
Goods are the physical chattels listed on this declaration page.

The seller is responsible for the non-conformity of the delivered goods with the contract if:
1. existed at the time of transfer of risk to the consumer, regardless of whether the seller was aware of this inconsistency;
2. appeared after the transfer of risk to the consumer, if it originates from a cause that existed before the transfer of risk to the consumer;
3. the consumer could easily see if the seller declared that the goods conform to the contract.

Deadlines – the duration of compliance for the goods that are the subject of this statement

The seller is responsible for the non-conformity of the goods that appears within two years from the date of transfer of risk to the consumer.
If non-conformity occurs within six months from the date of transfer of risk to the consumer, it is assumed that non-conformity existed at the time of transfer of risk, unless this contradicts the nature of the goods and the nature of the particular non-conformity.
After the expiration of six months from the date of transfer of risk to the consumer, the non-conformity of the goods shall be proved by the consumer. The consumer cannot terminate the contract if the non-conformity of the goods is insignificant.

Obligations of consumers

– when taking over the goods, establish their completeness and physical undamaged condition, as subsequent complaints of this type will not be accepted;
– to strictly adhere to the instructions for the use and maintenance of the goods and the provisions of this statement;
– to become familiar with the conditions of this contractual statement before first use;
– that when claiming goods, it is mandatory to attach: original fiscal invoice, original certified claim statement. All the mentioned documents must be completed and duly certified;
– in case of exchange of goods or refund of the paid amount, the consumer is obliged to submit the accompanying original accessories and original documentation. In the event that any of the above is missing, in case of replacement of goods, the missing part from the set of new goods will be retained.

Liability for non-conformity and conformity are not subject to non-conformity caused by:

– inadequate maintenance;
– mechanical, chemical or any other damage caused after the purchase of goods;
– the influence of moisture, water, heat, extreme environmental conditions, etc.;
– the wear and tear of parts of the goods which by their nature are such that they wear out with use;
– all possible irregularities caused by such treatment of goods will be eliminated exclusively at the expense of the consumer.

Complaint and complaint resolution procedure

– in order for the consumer to realize the right to compliance, he is obliged to submit the documentation that comes with the product, the fiscal invoice confirming the purchase of the goods from the seller, along with the defective item. In addition, it is necessary to provide a detailed description of the non-conformity in order to facilitate the verification of the defect by the seller’s authorized person.
– the seller is obliged to respond to the consumer in written or electronic form without delay and no later than within 8 days from the day of receipt of the complaint. The seller’s response to the complaint must contain a decision whether to accept the complaint, a statement on the consumer’s request and a specific proposal and deadline for resolving the complaint. The term cannot be longer than 30 days from the day the complaint is submitted.

Loss of consumer rights

It occurs if it is determined:

– that an unauthorized service intervention was performed on the advertised goods;
– if it is determined that the consumer did not comply with the obligations from the Consumer Obligations chapter;
– if physical or mechanical damage has been determined by the consumer.

By receiving this notice, the buyer confirms that he is informed by the seller about the basic characteristics of the goods (products) he is buying, about the price, payment method, method and term of delivery and the method of performing other contractual obligations, about the functionality of the goods, about the terms of after-sales services and the length of compliance , on the existence of the seller’s legal responsibility due to non-conformity of the goods with the contract, on the way of declaring a complaint, and especially on